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Ningbo Delson Green World Golf Club opened in 1999, located within the Dongqian Lake touring site. It is surrounded by the mountains three dimensionally and facing the water on the other side. It has been built in according to the natural landscape. Trees are grown naturally and densely around the fairway. Hand crafted greens, white bunkers and naturally formed reservoirs attract many small animals. In the dawn, among the mist, the freshness of the grass together with the clear and melodious sound from the golfer formed an incredible picture. The sun slowly rising, the blue sky is cleared; the lake is clamed and relaxing like a mirror. The mountain is as green as it is from an art work. The whole scenery is like a poem. Delson Golf is the oasis in the city; it is a land with amazing grace. In autumn over thousands of egrets will also come and habituated at the fairway.