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Ningbo Delson Green World Golf Club opened in 1999, located within the Dongqian Lake touring site. It is surrounded by the mountains three dimensionally and facing the water on the other side. It has been built in according to the natural landscape. Trees are grown naturally and densely around the fairway. Hand crafted greens, white bunkers and naturally formed reservoirs attract many small animals. In the dawn, among the mist, the freshness of the grass together with the clear and melodious sound from the golfer formed an incredible picture. The sun slowly rising, the blue sky is cleared; the lake is clamed and relaxing like a mirror. The mountain is as green as it is from an art work. The whole scenery is like a poem. Delson Golf is the oasis in the city; it is a land with amazing grace. In autumn over thousands of egrets will also come and habituated at the fairway.


Delson Golf Club has an 18-hole golf course with international standard, a 30000-square-meter 300-yard fenceless driving range with 30 practicing sections and 3 luxury private training rooms , 31 golf villas, 1 two storey high full view outdoor barbecue terrace, two hundred people dining or conference halls, one 780-square-meter wedding or multi purpose hall, 9 private dinning rooms, a coffee bar, a pro-shop, 2 roman pools with cold and warm water, medical pool, sauna with both dry and wet steam, foot massage service, and large changing room with capacity of 180 people and two outdoor tennis courses, etc .

俱乐部除了提供高尔夫运动、高尔夫赛事、高尔夫培训外,度假酒店 – 搞黄软件不登录不收费度假村及会所内的餐饮服务,更可以提供完善的酒店式服务, 适合家庭度假、自驾游、举办讲座、同学聚会、召开培训会、新闻发布会、答谢酒会、洽谈会议、等, 780平米的帐篷更可以承办婚宴、满月酒、年会、新车发布会、各类展示会等大型活动及筵席。30000平米的大草坪上,可举办各类大型护外展示会、颁奖仪式、草坪音乐会、草坪婚礼仪式等……,早在1990年开业之际,这里就举办过万人体育大会、小型飞机展示会、千人竞步开步仪式,烤全牛会、各类PT舞会等不胜枚举了。

Apart from leisure golf playing, golf championships and golf training, Delson golf club also provide dining and accommodation service for family vocation, driving tour, class reunions meeting, training courses, press release conferences and so on. And the 780-square-meter tent could hold wedding banquets, ceremony feasts for newborn babies party, year-end get together parties, new car release conference, and banquets etc. The 30000-square-meter lawn has already held lots of events like outdoor exhibitions, rewarding ceremonies, outdoor green concerts, golf weddings, etc. Early in 1990 when the club was just opened, the China sport opening ceremony of over 10 thousand people, a small-sized aeroplane exhibition, an opening ceremony of Walking festivals with over 1000 people, a Whole-OX Grill Party , and various Dancing parties have already been held here.


Beside the golf course in front of the Dongqian lake, right at the mountains side, the Delson golf manors are the most ideal homes for people who care to live with the nature.