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Together with the super ecological environment of the Dongqian Lake, Delson Golf Club has won great reputation. As early as in 1990 when the club was just opened, the National sport day with over 10 thousand people had already held in here.  Private plane exhibition, Thousand-people walking festival, Whole-OX Grill Party, Dancing parties, and Golf championship etc has been held in the club every year. The vast  30000㎡ lawn is a perfect place for music concert, will return banquet, company guest party, product promotion and so on.  
The 780㎡’s Delson Rose Tent is decorated with roses and white veil, it is a romantic hall that is suitable for all kinds of parties, wedding banquet, birthday party, masquerade, conferences etc..
高尔夫练习场二楼户外平台及阳光厅更是聚会亮点, 面对的大草坪和高尔夫球场和起伏连绵的山峦,可以一面体验高尔夫球,一面享受冷餐会、烧烤、自助餐等服务;全透明玻璃房阳光厅是私密宴会的最佳选择。可提供独立户外照明、户外遮阳伞、户外音响和移动投影等设备。
The golf driving range on the second floor together with the Sunshine room is gathering highlights.   Facing the vast lawns and undulating hills, one can experience the golf swing on one hand, and enjoying buffet, barbecue on the other hand.   Sunshine room is a glass house that is most suitable for private banquet. Independent outdoor lighting, outdoor umbrellas, outdoor stereos and mobiles projectors and other equipment can be provided.

Delson golf clubhouse has perfect dining facilities, with different sizes of private  containing karaoke OK, hall, cafe, etc., multi-functional conference hall can accommodate 180-200 people, clubs, sauna and massage facilities and perfect; independent villa-style hotel 150-200 beds available and chess entertainment; outdoor besides the standard 18-hole golf course, driving range 32 hitting bays, as well as tennis courts. East Lake in the sun along the waterfront walk is also a great pleasure