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Golf games and golf travel is a new social activity form for traveling, communication, promotion, and rewarding customers. The green sports draw people closer to each other.

 Brand builders could make use of golf games to let their customers relax themselves in the green and the awarding ceremony makes them feel respected thus helps sales and promotion. Golf tour tournament is now one of the hottest ways of marketing. Successful golf game includes: World-class Golf Lawrence Awards Competition, Omega Golf Tournament, Buick Cup, Audi Cup, Mercedes Cup, Citic Children Golf Game, Red Flower Lang Liquor Golf Tournament and so on.

Golf travelling is one of the hottest ways of travelling in the world, as we know in Hawaii the mere 10.458-square-meter land has dozens of golf courses.

Delson golf club welcomes golf groups in any sizes. Package prices are offered according to group sizes, off/on seasons, and weekday/weekend. Accommodation and dining can be provided.

Delson Golf club locate at the south side of the Dongqian Lake Tourist site which is regarded as the backyard of Ningbo. Delson Golf Club is only 30-40 minutes from Ningbo Airport and 30-40 minutes from downtown. There are many wonderful touring attractions within the Dongqian Lake Tourist site and it is best for vacation. For inquires please call 18868661166.