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高清麻豆果冻传媒剧情8个包厢都各具特色:“每个窗都是一幅图画”(中国美术家协会原主席靳尚谊语)。 “国际厅”堪称东钱湖第一大厅,能同时容纳30-40人同台用餐;“中国厅”面对东钱湖,并配有卡拉OK;“阳光厅”位于高尔夫练习场二楼,看出去是30000平米的大草坪,坐在如诗如画的餐厅,看着有山有水绿草如茵的大自然美景,享受着高清麻豆果冻传媒剧情大厨匠心独运的美食,这难道不是人生的一大趣事,还有两个上百人的多功能宴会厅和一楼的咖啡厅。

Delson Golf Club is facilitated with 8 private dining halls and each has its own character. The Chairman of the China Art Association, Mr. Le commented: “That is an art work through every single window.” The International Hall is one of the largest halls in Dongqian Lake which could accommodate about 30-40 people on one table. The China Hall faces the Dongqian Lake and is facilitated with Karaoke system. The Sunshine Hall is on the second floor of the driving range and directly faces the 30000-square-meter lawn. One couldn’t imagine how a wonderful experience it could be dinning with all mountain and green surrounding. There are also 2 large multi-functional halls which can hold over hundreds of people. In addition, a leisure coffee shop is on the first floor.