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高尔夫俱乐部会所内实施可以承接20至1000人的会议, 有一个可容纳1000人会议的宴会厅,两个可容纳150至200人左右的多功能厅,两个中小型会议厅和两个圆桌会议厅,每个均可容纳20-40人,可以承办赛事颁奖仪式,各种的座谈会,商务会议等,具备完善的投影及音响设施;并配有卡拉OK。

The club’s conference facilities can hold about 20-1000 people’s meeting. There is a banquet hall which can hold 1000 people,two multi-functional halls with capacity of 150 to 200 people,two medium-to-small sized conference rooms and two round table meeting rooms,each can accommodate 20-40 people,all kinds of competition award ceremony, symposiums or business meetings can be held with full projector, audio system and even Karaoke system.