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“有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎” 是搞黄软件的接待文化,在充分考虑各个地区的饮食差异,再结合当地的天然、绿色、健康的原材料,经匠心独具的烹制方法,形成搞黄软件不登录不收费家宴独特的风格。

“It is honor and pleasure to serve the people all around the world is the service culture of Delson Golf. After considerate the dietary differences all around the world, fully taken into account about the natural, green, health local raw materials and then combine with diligent cooking method, it forms unique style of Delson Golf’s private banquet.

搞黄软件的菜色以 ?“钱湖四宝”、“新派农家菜”、“创意西餐”的特色饮食为主导。高清麻豆果冻传媒剧情的招牌菜是“搞黄软件狮子头”,“砂锅鮰鱼翅”、“秘制卤肉” ;“钱湖四宝”即青鱼划水、钱湖蛳螺、朋鱼及湖虾;高清麻豆果冻传媒剧情的朋鱼 – “浪里白条”还得过东钱湖厨艺大赛的金奖。创意农家菜包括“特色焗土豆”,“鲜汤鱼腐”等,世界美食包括“冬阴功汤”,“冰镇沙拉牛排”,“白汁海鲜酥盒”等.

There are three main themes about The Delson Golf’s private banquet; they are The Lake Four Treasures, New Country Style Cuisine and the Innovative western cuisine. Delson Golf’s signature dish is the "Delson Lion Head", “Marinated fish fins” and the “Delson Style pork chop”. “The Lake Four Treasures” are Braised herring tail, Pan-fry lake-snail, Steamed white lake fish and Poach lake shrimp. The representative dishes of the New Country Style Cuisine are “Delson style bake potatoes”, “Braise fish tofu”. Innovative western cuisine include: “Thai Tom Yum Goong soup”, “Beef steak salad roll” and “White source sea food tart” etc.