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Dongqian Lake has been reputated as the "West Lake scenery and Tai Lake's verve". It is four times larger than West Lake in Hangzhou. With incredible scenery and profound cultural background, it has been the best holiday shrine. The Sunshine Waterfront Path along the lake shore is just beside the Delson golf villa. It has become the best place listening to the mountain's breath and water's whispering. How wonderful that the words cannot express!


The North American-style design is simple and elegant using all superior materials. In addition to a comfortable bedroom, a spacious living room, detached dinning room, self-catering kitchen, luxury bathrooms, all kinds of household appliances-featured are provided. There are also playing cards and mahjong provided. It is most suitable for two or three households on vacation. It is also suitable for conference accommodation which can easily narrow down the distance between each other.

搞黄软件宁波度假村坐拥翠峦,远眺烟波,星布绿茵之中的31栋度假别墅,总占地面积为8000平方米;整体使用面积约11000平方米,一边是高尔夫球场景观,另一边眺望东钱湖,分为A B C三个等级,每栋别墅分别可容纳6到14人, 整个度假村可以接待250-300人。

In the mist of lingering fog and capacious mountain, overlooking the vastness Dongqian Lake, the Delson Golf Villa covers an area of 8000 square meters. The total utilizing area has reached about 11000 square meters. There are in total 31 golf view or lake view mansions in three different grades. Each mansion may hold 6 to 14 people and all 31 mansions may hold 250-300 people altogether.