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搞黄APP高尔夫是宁波首家高尔夫球场,由世界顶级著名环境设计公司“LEO A ADLY”的资深设计师THOMAS先生所设计的,有很多家世界著名的尼克劳斯球场也是出自THOMAS先生团队的手笔。



Delson Golf has been the first golf club built in Ningbo since 1999. The club was designed by the world famous environmental design company LEO A DALY’s senior designer Mr. Thomas,the same designer team as Nicloles golf courses.

Delson Golf is an authorized and licensed golf course by government. “For the people, who are good at playing golf, the design of the courses has some difficulties; for the people who are the beginners, the courses are not too hard to play with.” The pioneers of the Sport and the first Chinese whom was awarded the Olympic silver medal, Mr. Rong Gaotang commented Delson Golf. With honor and much obliged that the Chinese character of “Ningbo Delson Golf Club” had been autographed by Mr. Rong.

The international standard 18 holes golf course covers over 1800 acres. The full- length of the entire course is about 7200 yards.  There is also 9 holes night lightening facility for the night golfer.  Ponds and lakes that scattered within the course make it more challenging.