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As one of the most important part of the sports of golf, golf manners is one of its characters identifying itself from other sports and is the reason it’s called “A Gentlemen’s Sport”. Golf playing put great emphasis on etiquette, and the basic manners listed as bellow should be abided by every golf player.

1、The players must show their membership cards and handicap card and obey all the rules of the club.
2、All the players must wear properly according to golfing apparel regulations.
3、Each player must bring a set of clubs and hire a caddy while play on course. No more than 4 players are allowed to play in one group.
4、All the players have duty to protect the divot. Throwing clubs or jumping on the divot are not allowed. The players should take initiative to collect the turf after swing, repair the pit on the green, and assist the caddies to restore the divot damaged during striking.
5、All the players should take initiative to clear away the footprint and ball marks made by them after bunker swing.
6、Golf carts should go along the carts lane and are not allowed to ride into the divot. Wireless phoness and beepers should be set to vibration.
7、Players should be aware of their locations on the course and not move or talk while other players are addressing the ball or ready to swing. Be aware not to stand right in the front or at the back of other players while they are going to wing.
8、All players should wait to swing until the ball path is clear if there are people passing through and should politely warn the people in conversation to move away.
9、All players should follow the team ahead tightly. If a player decides to look for the ball, then he/she must allow the next team to go first. The time for looking for balls must not be over 3 minutes.
10、On course play, a team of less people has the privilege to pass any team of more people under normal conditions. Single player must give way to any matches, and any smaller matches must give way to bigger matches.
11、All the players should leave the green right after completion to give way for the next team. The scores can be recorded on the way to the next teeing point.
12、All the players must follow the above manner guidelines of golf playing. Otherwise, the club has the right to object or disqualify the players to continue play on course.