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1、Create perfect manners
Golf has its specific courtesy and etiquette, both need to respect each other, but also need to develop team spirit. At the same time, the court has strict rules and principles, the need for the greatest degree of quiet, so that the children need to maintain a peaceful state of mind, not disorderly jump, to keep order, rules.
2、Promote a positive mental outlook
Golf is not a casual sport, must go through a lot of efforts to correct the operation, so the success of this process, will increase children's self-confidence. At the same time, this sport requires cooperation and waiting to complete, so that children can learn to think for others, as well as learn to wait. 
3. Rich and healthy personality quality
Golf requires honesty and magnanimity, and players keep their own score. Therefore, honesty is a very important training in this sport. Otherwise, people will become anxious and flustered, gradually distorted personal character.
4. Encourage children to surpass themselves

Golf sometimes is not the pressure given by the opponent, but the pressure from the self is hard to control. Therefore, the sport requires the courage to face the self, try to challenge the self, and eventually surpass the self.
5、Go with the child nature
Although the young children's bodies are weak, their flexibility is very good, and their arms are not as strong as adults, so they can avoid playing with their arms, and they are easy to use the whole body to hit the ball, which is their advantage. The coach tells the children the essentials of the swing in simple and understandable language, and then reminds and corrects them respectively in the details, and lets them play naturally the rest!
Green, oxygen, sunshine, friendship, these are the four spirits that golf bestows on good health. Let the child learn golf, can develop the child's demeanor and social etiquette, can develop his and partner's communication ability and form a strong will since childhood.