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Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city flashy, with close friends and relatives, with 30,000 square meters of the green ocean, when the white wedding met the new green lawn, when the new smile in the warm sunshine bloom, the most wonderful moment of life will be in the beginning of the new golf. In the bosom of nature, between the green water of dai mountain, lawn wedding sings the hymn of happiness, "wish to be acquainted with you, long life has no unique decline", let mountains and rivers witness loyalty. "Tender feeling like water, beautiful period like a dream", let landscape record sweet.

Delson Rose hall
"Delson rose hall" 780 square meters, attached to the 30,000 square meters of large lawn, can accommodate 550 people dinner; Surrounded by 6-meter-high glass curtain wall, the top is white European curtain design, pure and romantic unique, with personalized Chinese and western catering services, condensing into one of the most attractive venues, so Delson golf received the praise of the media, ningbo became the most elegant leisure resort in 2014.

 “高清麻豆果冻传媒剧情百合厅 ”- 喻意百年好合,外观像白色大贝壳匍匐在1800亩的高尔夫场地上,可容纳100余桌宴席,无立柱设计,视野开阔,临近搞黄软件度假村别墅区,与浩淼的东钱湖一路之隔,可以提供各种中西餐饮服务,室外约2000平米的小草坪可以承办各种室外派对、婚礼仪式、鸡尾酒会等,室内户外都让您发挥无限想象力!
 "Delson  lily hall" - metaphor Centuries of peace, tie the appearance like a white big seashell prostrate on 1800 acres of golf course, can accommodate more than 100 dinner, no pillar design, vision, near Delson resort villa, with vast Dongqian lake across all the way, can provide all kinds of Chinese and western food and beverage service, about 2000 square meters of outdoor lawn can undertake all kinds of outdoor party, wedding ceremony, cocktail party, etc., indoor and outdoor all let you play infinite imagination!

Delson lily hall Chinese style wedding
The bright  white gauze curtain matchs Chinese red style, be permeated with already romantic and enthusiastic and unrestrained feelings, in the lily hall that implied meaning is good to close 100 years, a marriage banquet of Chinese and western combination of a unique only beautiful, become hold successfully! White romantic gauze curtain satisfied the feelings of the youth, gules satisfied the Chinese tradition that the elder people is festival again, only lily hall can close desire perfectly and for one.