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玫瑰帐篷厅面积约为780平米,顶高6.8米 边高3.5米,有3盏水晶灯,以玫瑰藤蔓和白色帐幔为主要顶幔及舞台背景装饰,厅中间完全没有柱子,有40公分高的活动舞台,音响设备齐全,全场均备有空调, 可以容纳50-55桌,可以设置成自助餐或者舞会形式,可以容纳500-600人。玫瑰帐篷厅配备独立厨房及卫生设施。

The Delson Rose Tent area is about 780 ㎡. The ceiling is about 6.8 meters high and the side is about 3.5 meters high. Rose vines and white veils are the main decoration over the top and as background of the stage.  There are 3 crystal chandeliers on the ceiling and the stage is about 40cm high.  The hall is post less and fully equipped with audio system and air conditioning.  With traditional Chinese round table the tent can accommodate about 50-55 tables, with buffet or ball room set up the tent can hold about 500-600 people.  Independent kitchen and washroom are especially prepared for the tent.