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The purest love in the world is parental love. A warm and unique new born celebration is the best gift that parents may show to their baby. The celebration starts a lifetime of company. The parent accompany their baby to grow up slowly until their baby become a grown up who eventually accompany their parents to grow old slowly. Undoubtedly, many years later, when the family share the warm pictures that was taken from the celebration, it shows the purest love in the world.
We create a funny and happy paradise full of children's interest by charming western style,dreamy blue sky and white clouds, green lawn, oxygen and healthy nature, colourful balloon shapes. All of these in order to record our beautiful growth! Parents will bring the memories of warm,love and goodness for the family when  health meets green and growth combines the golf.
What is the procedure of baby feast?

The Baby feast can be divided into full moon wine, hundred day feast and one year old feast, etc. Usually,parents hold a full moon ceremony to wish the newborn have a healthy growth.The ceremony needs to invite relatives and friends to witness and pray for the child. This is the origin of "full moon wine". Nowadays, People celebrate the baby was born a month and set up the banquet. This ceremony is called the "full moon wine". There are some differences in customs in different places. Generally, grandma will give the newborn baby a gift of pickled chicken, red eggs and other food (now red eggs are mostly used to entertain guests or as a present in return). After the banquet, some parents will invite professional hairdressers to shave their children's hair, which is commonly known as "the head of the full moon ".
How to choose the arrangement of the baby banquet scene?
Today, whether it's a full moon wine or age ceremony and Hundred Days banquet , are no longer limited to the form and style of on-site layout. You can select the layout style and preferences according to your own form and hobbies. The full moon wine can choose the traditional expression of childbirth festivity. Age ceremony Hundred Days banquet and the week's gift can be more casual, with cartoon animation theme, fresh and lovely style, or Western story style. You can also choose to be in the indoor banquet hall or the outdoor lawn. The blue sky and white clouds are more healthy, green, oxygen and lovely.
What should we do for the baby feast?
With the improvement of living standards,it is also a celebration activity that many families attach importance to, although it is not necessary to invest the same financial resources as the wedding to hold the baby feast. It is also necessary to take seriously the new members of the family and some blessings for the future of the baby. Professional baby banquet organization can provide comprehensive and high-quality planning and execution services, can create a perfect banquet for baby in different budget range, and ensure the baby's life the first time as the protagonist of exciting activities can be complete amazing.
9、我的孩子 ,不要胆怯,不要回头 ,勇敢的迈开脚步向前走吧!
What are the blessings of baby's hundred day feast?
1. One hundred years, one hundred months and one hundred days, long-term Chang'an!
2. Baby, it's been 100 days since you came here. I hope you are still lovely and happy!
3. Baby, seeing your happy growth, we sincerely feel that no matter how hard we have experienced, it is worth it!
4. Baby, every time you set sail to sea, my blessing will accompany you!
5. My child, I hope you can get rid of your childishness and tenderness, and set sail for the golden coast.
6. The golden wind brings warmth and beauty. The jade in Wanfu hall is exquisite. Happy people often live in spring, for there is a fairy entrance court (Surname), there is a woman full hundred days (first name), the word for the name seems to be the fairy all things smooth and stable life path, natural beauty and good marriage, I wish a poem to read, happy life accompanies in the world!
7. Grind a happy needle, draw a happy thread, wear good luck and auspiciousness, and sew a good luck dress for the baby. Wish the baby a happy day, a good luck in a thousand hours, and everything goes well!

8. You have a pair of wings, fly tenaciously, not overwhelmed by the wind and rain; fly sincerely, not intoxicated by the sweet honey. Towards a clear goal, to a better life.
9. My child, don't be timid, don't look back, and walk forward bravely!
10. A baby is 100 days old. In fact, Zui, the centenary book, means the anniversary of a baby's first birthday or 100 days. A hundred day death on Sunday refers to a ceremonial banquet held to celebrate a baby's full hundred days and one year old respectively.
11. May you be the wind, with white sails; may you be the ship, with blue waves. Life is smiling in front of you. Step forward bravely and embrace the colorful life.
12. May you be like a seed, brave to break through the sand, and stretch out the tender green buds to the ground and point to the sky.
13.Memorable day, The world is better because of you .